Why was Michael Jackson taking pain killers 20 years after his burn?

Answer Once he had bad surgery's (face surgery's) and thus he took pain killers so he would not feel the pain. And he got hooked like everyone else who has to take a lot of pain killers. Pain killers kin... Read More »

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How can i make my muscles less sore without taking pain killers?

if this pain happens after exercise and workout routinesprobably the most effective way is to stretch AFTER exercising. stretching after is more important that stretching before. it brings blood fl... Read More »

I always have really bad headaches. I'm tired of taking pain killers any suggestions for something else?

You need to see a doctor. Many things can cause headaches; anything from a problem in your vision to high blood pressure, or they could simply be migranes or allergies. If there are health issues t... Read More »

In 100 years will people still be listening to Michael Jackson?

Of course!My children will listen to him, and so will theirs.Like MJ once said, "Good art never dies."

Are people 1000 years from now going to be "fake" Michael Jackson fans?

THANK YOU so much for posting this! I've been trying to get that across for ages, but you did well with the example of 1000 years from now, haha. You're not random, you just speak the truth! In my ... Read More »