Why was Lindsey Williams deleted from wikipedia?

Answer The official reason is "When this article was created, the writer did not include enough information to establish the the significance of the subject. (CSD A7)"But the real reason is that the Wikip... Read More »

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How to Prevent an Article from Being Deleted from Wikipedia?

This article will tell you how to prevent a Wikipedia article from being deleted.

How to get a deleted article from wikipedia restored?

Check out:…to see how to formally appeal deletions.When articles are deleted their history is also wiped out from public view. If you want to see the artic... Read More »

When was the first article deleted from Wikipedia?

This is the earliest deletion log I have found:…The first deletion on that log is of page "Alan Millar/Status" by user Larry_Sanger, who is a co-founder o... Read More »

Stop wikipedia definiton from being deleted?

First of all, if it's just a dictionary definition of a word, you might be better off adding it to Wiktionary ( ), the dictionary counterpart to the Wikipedia encyclo... Read More »