Why was China called the red dragon of asia?

Answer Dragon symbolism in China dates back several centuries and remains a large part of Chinese today. The red dragon connotation derives from a combination of traditional Chinese folklore and modern da... Read More »

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Is China in Asia and is it dangerous to go there?

yes China is in Asia.whether is it dangerous, it depends on how you look at things. One is for sure, in China, you cannot totally trust their people, basing on the various reports online about how ... Read More »

Which kingdom of southeast Asia broke free from China in 939?

Vietnam was a kingdom in southeast Asia that broke free from China in A.D. 939 and regained its independence. Ngo Quyen, a military general, defeated the Chinese Han army at the Bach Dang River, af... Read More »

How did foreign expansion in Asia and the boxer rebllion affect us policy toward china?

What does the dragon stand for in Imperial China?

The dragon is a very potent symbol in Chinese culture, representing benevolence, immortality and the divine. It is traditionally considered a protective symbol. In Imperial China, the dragon was al... Read More »