Why use spyware Who even uses it ?

Answer Hey hackers use it to get sensitive information of users.There is no difference if you are rich or poor in this teck world.And most importantly : you must be using any pirated version of some softw... Read More »

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Viruses Spyware and malware are picking on me like crazy im not even downloading anything please help thanks? the link scroll about half way down the link and click download.when its done run a scan and it should find it. Its free, I don't know why theres a button ... Read More »

Is it true that just because a tv is plugged in, it still uses electricity even though it may be turned off?

Yes, it uses very little electricity, but still uses electricity to keep the sensor powered that detects when you hit "power" on the remote control. That and no electric switch is perfect. Even i... Read More »

I am looking for a free anti-spyware/spyware remover download. ?

You may have a variant of Antivirus 2009 claiming your infected and needs you to purchase it DontThis will Remove it!Malwarebytes Anti Malware… FREE EDITI... Read More »

What's a good anti-spyware like Spyware Doctor?

Well, if you say that Spyware Doctor is a good antispyware program, then you may be right. But there are some others far better than that. Check it out here dude! Here are top ten AntiSpyware Softw... Read More »