Why use lenses for cameras?

Answer A lens is not absolutely necessary in order to have a camera. There are devices known as pinhole cameras that are able to expose photographic film without the use of a lens. In that case, the tiny ... Read More »

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Are the Leica Lenses i the new Panasonic cameras genuine, and how good are these lenses?

All of these type of lenses are considered as certified by a manufacturer. Carl Zeiss, and Schneider-Kreuznach do this a lot too. If it's certified by any of these manufacturers you should have con... Read More »

Do slr lenses fit all cameras?

Generally, no. Each manufacturer has proprietary mounts for their lenses and, for example, Nikon lenses will not fit a Canon and so on. There are aftermarket lenses made to fit various cameras, but... Read More »

Do SLR lenses fit on digital SLR cameras?

It depends of the brand. Canon EF lenses, for instance, will work on Canon digital SLR (single lens reflex) cameras. Some functionality may be lost on certain brands, however. Furthermore, lenses a... Read More »

Are there camera lenses for old cameras?