Why use job evaluations?

Answer Job evaluations, when properly done, provide management and employees a benchmark to judge work performance. Work appraisals and performance feedback are other terms used to describe employment eva... Read More »

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How to Compare Job Evaluations & Employee Evaluations?

Many companies have policies in place for conducting job evaluations and employee evaluations. These are necessary to ensure that the descriptions of the jobs are accurate and that employees are su... Read More »

How to Use Formative Evaluations?

Formative evaluations are like trial runs. Before a project is sent to the printers or released on the market, formative evaluations are carried out to make sure nothing was missed in the design. B... Read More »

How to Use Averages in Evaluations?

Averages based on several key areas are an efficient way to evaluate student progress in the classroom. By basing grades on at least three or four divisions of content, averages give a good overall... Read More »

What Are Summative Evaluations?

Behind the scenes, teachers and administrators engage in a never-ending process of evaluating how well they deliver education. In their quest to boost student learning, they evaluate everything fro... Read More »