Why use car donation services?

Answer Donating a car can be a great use of an older vehicle. If a car has low trade-in value, the IRS-sanctioned tax deduction for donating it can be worth more. It is also an excellent way to give to a ... Read More »

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What service would be located toward the pure services end of the goods and services continuum?

Products that are primarily services but rely on physical equipment, such as taxis, are located toward the pure services end.

Do the auditors question the services live adopted by the client for plan assets or do they accept the services lives without investigation?

Center for Family Preservation Services: What services would you include?

Visit families in their own homes to offer support, friendship and practical assistance Reassure parents that their childcare problems are not unusual or unique Encourage parents' strengths and emo... Read More »

What Services Are Provided With Home Healthcare Services?

Home health care services can involve much more than medical assistance for patients. According to the National Association for Home Care and Hospice, home care can include sitter services, counsel... Read More »