Why use battery backup?

Answer Battery backup units, also referred to as uninterruptible power supplies, provide continuous AC power for computers in the event of a power failure from the electric company. Power can be lost for ... Read More »

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DIY Battery Backup?

It's a sensible idea to have a battery backup if you regularly rely on a particular device. There's nothing worse than turning on your device and having it not power up. The best way to make a DIY ... Read More »

A DIY DC Battery Backup?

Making yourself a DIY DC battery backup makes sense, particularly if you have a favorite device you rely on regularly. If your battery dies or your charger fails, you can still use your device. Use... Read More »

What is a backup battery?

Many computer users are turning to backup batteries to prevent data loss during unanticipated power outages. Backup batteries give a computer user a period of time after a power outage has occurred... Read More »

What is a UPS battery backup?

UPS stands for uninterrupted power supply. This is a battery, usually about the size of a shoebox, popular with desktop computer owners for providing electricity when power goes out or starts fluct... Read More »