Why use a stereo preamp?

Answer A pre-amp is an electronic component used for signal boosting. They are used in guitar amplifiers, recording studios, and in home and car stereo systems. Stereo pre-amps are a more sophisticated ve... Read More »

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What is a stereo preamp?

A preamp is short for a preamplifier. A stereo preamp serves to provide volume control and input switching for your multiple input stereo. It amplifies the signal, allowing it to be further modifie... Read More »

Does a stereo preamp provide line amplification?

Yes, the foremost function of a preamplifier is to provide amplification to a low-level signal to line level. Some of these low-level signals include microphones, pickups, equalizers, transducers a... Read More »

Can I use a tube preamp and a solid state preamp in the same chain?

You can connect a tube preamp and a solid state preamp in the same audio chain. However, you must pay careful attention to the gain levels on each device to avoid feedback.References:Ovni Labs: Pr... Read More »

How can I play internet radio (Slacker, etc.), from my cell to my home stereo system My stereo has a USB port?

You user the headphone jack from the phone attached to aux in on the stereo either RCA in or Mini 3.5 jack in; you also need the appropriate cord in order to do this.....