Why they say as Happy Periods while it is pain and agony for most ?

Answer lol....its just a tv ad...actually periods are painful and tells us to use their products to make the periods means happy.....thats it....

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Pains in my lower right hand side . periods late but past two months always get pain when due periods?

You sound pregnant, my dear :) If there is no infection or muscle problems then it can very well be pregnancy pains (Fingers crossed and good luck!)

Those considering circumcising their babies...does this baby screaming and gargling in pain look happy?

Oh my dear God poor child. He must be in horrible pain. Never in my life would I do such a thing in a future son of mine.OMG I even feel like crying, poor baby. That looks so painful.Oh please peop... Read More »

If you take a pill to make your periods lighter for one month will this effect the rest of your periods in later months?

Answer It may effect your next month period but it will not effect every period you have.

You got your periods on 24 May and this month you didnt get your periods also you had fever so you took antibiotic tablet will it effect your pregnancy?