Why there is so many Japanese incest videos?

Answer becuse they love them.

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How many letters are there in Japanese writing?

There are a total of 19 characters, called Kanji, in the Japanese alphabet. These letters form 99 sounds, which comprise the Hiragana chart. An alternate chart of sounds, the Katakana, is used main... Read More »

How many videos are there in youtube?

As many videos on Youtube as there are idiots asking dumb questions here.

Is there a limit to how many videos you can have on your ipod?

well it would depend on the size of your ipod.=]

Are there any videos on youtube videos where boys are forced to be ballerinas or something like that?

First of all, a ballerina is a the top female ballet dancer in a company.A boy or male ballet dancer is a cavalier or danseur.There are no countries that force children into dance, in Soviet Russia... Read More »