Why there is no big improvements on my biceps yet ?

Answer Yea, stop worrying about biceps to begin with. In strength terms they don't matter what so ever. But if you are adamant then I have a few tips. Start doing weighted chinups. By far the best bicep w... Read More »

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Are there any significant improvements with a Nikon 16-85mm compared to an 18-55mm?

What you have read is probably true.If you are planning on replacing the 18-55 mm, look instead at the 18-200 mm lens. It is the single lens solution for many photographersThe 16-85 mm lens costs $... Read More »

How to Get Big Biceps?

There's more to getting big biceps than doing aimless amounts of bicep curls. There is a technique and a science to it. This article will point you in the right direction.

How to Get Beautiful Biceps?

Getting big biceps doesn't come from crunching hundreds of push-ups everyday only to be disappointed in the little change. It comes in moderation of different types of exercises and foods.

How to Draw Biceps?

The bicep is a two-headed muscle located on the upper arm. It's the muscle that bodybuilders flex to prove how strong they are. This article will show you how to draw it.