Why the swollen thumb and hand?

Answer I would take him to a different hospital! My boyfriend had something similar. He developed the red line and it started going up his arm. I took him to the ER (after a lot of persuading) and they... Read More »

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Serious question. my left hand, little pinky is swollen--taking advil to keep it from getting out of hand...?

Sounds like you might need an x-ray diagnosis & treatment.Funny, when I read the question on its surface, I thought it was a play on words....finger hurts...taking Advil to keep it from getting, "O... Read More »

My thumb is a little swollen?

Sounds like an abscess. (I'm dealing with one now, too.)Soak your thumb in hot water with Epsom Salts two or three times a day. After a week or so, it should resolve into a pus blister, which you... Read More »

I got hit in the hand with a paintball and my thumb is still numb?

There could be swelling in your hand/wrist that is impinging the nerve. As long as it doesn't interfere with you being able to move your thumb, you could wait a while longer to see whether it will... Read More »

Sore hand after thumb twitching?

could be that you need to stop twitching these thingymajigs