Why the stigmas of most flowers contain quite a lot of sugar?

Answer this is 2 attract insects n birds which help in pollination

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How to Sugar Flowers?

Sugaring flowers is not the same thing as making flowers from sugar or sugar gum paste. Sugaring flowers involves taking real living flowers and coating them with a layer of superfine granulated su... Read More »

Does sugar prolong the life of cut flowers?

On One Hand: Sugar Prolongs LifeAs soon as a flower is cut from the plant, it is in trouble because its life support system is gone. Flowers need a continuous source of water. Adding sugar to the w... Read More »

How does sugar prolong life in cut flowers?

the sugar provides the cut flowers with nurishment they would other wise get from the plants leaves, however to prevent bacteria growth in the vase add a bit of econonika

Why does sugar water prolong the life of cut flowers?

The life of most cut flowers can be extended by adding sugar to the water. A few types of flowers such as daffodils and tulips do not do well with sugar water, but sugar doubles the life of flowers... Read More »