Do you think Wikipedia is racist?

Answer Well anyone can write on there, so yeah. I could say that I'm some black civil right activist in history and it would be okay. And the fact that alot of the topics/events/etc are most likely writte... Read More »

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Was she being racist I think so?

No your not wrong. But dont get so worked up over people like that. That lady has a problem and its called power tripping. I think she would of bothered anyboy of any race, or color. You just h... Read More »

Hey Hey it's Saturday skit - do you think it was racist?

I think the skit was a caricature. Can a caricature be racist? Possibly. What might be considered racist is often culturally dependant and may be influenced by history.I think it is pretty clear ... Read More »

Do people think the white iPhone 4S is racist?

It is not possible for an inanimate object to be racist.

Why the hell would people think the Holocaust was a hoax?

Because people are a**holes.And they are ignorant, stupid, and just. . . ugh. I can't stand people who think it was a hoax. It was a hoax that killed my family? Right. . .