Why the Temperature Affects Transpiration?

Answer When you leave a bowl of water in a refrigerator, it takes longer to evaporate than it would if you left it on a warm stove. The difference is due to the lower temperature in the refrigerator, whic... Read More »

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Which affects evaporation the most: air temperature, water temperature or wind speed?

Evaporation occurs when water goes from a liquid state to a gaseous state. Air temperature, water temperature and wind speed all affect evaporation. The rate of the evaporation and which factor aff... Read More »

How Temperature Affects Perfume?

Perfume is one of life's pleasures. When carefully selected and worn in moderation, it can create an aura of both beauty and cleanliness around its wearer, while delighting the senses of those arou... Read More »

How high temperature affects osmosis and why?

Osmosis is the passage of moisture through various plant surfaces so a high temperature will increase the speed of osmosis.

How Temperature Affects the Stretch of a Rubber Band?

Most things in nature behave in a fairly predictable way. Most people can make predictions about temperature and how it will affect things: Heat expands, cold contracts. Watch a cake in an oven, an... Read More »