Why the Flowers on My Hydrangea Plant Look Droopy?

Answer You cannot miss a hydrangea in bloom; the huge balls of blossoms in blues and pinks attract attention. Each hydrangea flower head is a bouquet in and of itself, composed of a myriad of smaller blos... Read More »

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My tomato plant leaves get droopy during the day, should i water them more?

Yes, you just can't give too much water to tomato plants and in fact most commercial growers now use hydroponic methods. Bit sad really though commercial tomatoes are often quite tasteless compared... Read More »

The Best Flowers to Go With Antique Hydrangea?

Old fashioned hydrangeas, such as Annabelle hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens) and oakleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia), are showstoppers in the garden. These large shrubs, both growing up to a... Read More »

What Causes Hydrangea Flowers to Wilt After Planting?

Hydrangeas are flowering shrubs featuring bold pompoms or panicles of white, pink or blue flowers that grow in gardens across the United States. Problems with these plants arise from the very speci... Read More »

Floral Centerpieces With White Hydrangea & Other Summer Flowers?

Pure white hydrangeas go beautifully in centerpieces for any occasion. A backyard family reunion, a formal wedding reception, an intimate dinner-for-two and a lavish anniversary party are just a fe... Read More »