Why the English people don`t drink coffee?

Answer x. i drink coffee and not tea and i am British. x

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Im 20 and i dont drink coffee is that weird?

No. I know lots of people who are 48 and don't drink coffee.

Why dont people drink tap water?

You're lucky - my water is clear but boy does it taste of chemicals ??? In the past week its got worse and tea made with tap water tastes like its had disenfectant added - its disgusting !!!!!

How many people here can drink coffee and go right to bed no problem?

Yes but the next day I will feel sick.

Why do English people drink so much tea?

Dear you,You know tea is of Asian origin, do you remember that Great Britain was occupying India some years back? I think I read once that her Majesty enjoyed tea, she thought it was exotic, and B... Read More »