Why take cholesterol medication at bedtime?

Answer Cholesterol pills, or statins, are medications prescribed by your doctor to lower your blood cholesterol. In most cases, your pharmacist will instruct you to take your statin at bedtime.EffectsStat... Read More »

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How can I lower my cholesterol without medication Are there supplements I can use or something else?

There are different ways to lower your cholesterol. You should always talk with your family doctor because he/she will know best which changes in your overall life might help the most.The following... Read More »

Should I stop taking cholesterol medication?

Type 2 diabetes means your glucose metabolism is impaired. The deterioration of your glucose metabolism occurs over many years. You may have only been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes recently, but I... Read More »

What are the dangers of taking generic cholesterol medication?

Though LDL cholesterol can best be decreased by a healthy lifestyle, cholesterol medication is sometimes necessary. Both brand name and generic cholesterol medications can be used to successfully t... Read More »

Is there any cholesterol medication for those with chronic liver disease?

I can think of a few non-medication options (lifestyle changes) that are quite effective at lowering cholesterol.