Why take blood sample from babies head?

Answer Some bleeding after the cord falls off is normal. If it infected it may cause more bleeding. Continuous bleeding is a cause for concern and requires evaluation by a pediatrician and investigation.

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A 10mL sample of blood obtained from a term infant represents approximately--------- of its total blood volume?

Infants have around 80ml per kilogram blood volume (although the range can be from 50-100ml'kg). This steadily drops to the adult values of 50-70ml/kg. A 6 month old infant weighing approx 6 kg wo... Read More »

How to Get a Blood Sample from a Trained Dolphin?

Ever wonder how vets can take place a needle into an animal and have the animal be perfectly ok with it? How can a trainer take blood from a killer whale or dolphin? Here is how! These directions a... Read More »

Through which blood vessel does blood return to the heart from the head and arms?

It returns through the Superior Vena Cava. The inferior Vena Cava carries blood from the lower body back to the heart.

What is the best sample for the determination of blood pH and blood gases?