Why spray fruit trees?

Answer Fruit trees are highly susceptible to insects and diseases. In order to promote healthy trees, proper planting, cultivation and sanitation practices are required; however, fruit trees are still sus... Read More »

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How to Spray Fruit Trees in the Winter?

One of the biggest challenges when growing edible plants is killing the pests that like to eat them. While the pests are clearly visible in summer months, they are well hidden in winter months. Dur... Read More »

When do you spray fruit trees for insects?

Spray fruit trees for insects only when and if numerous insects emerge, which is most likely in the summer. The University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension says, "dry, hot weather is often mo... Read More »

Can I use pigs to clean up around my dwarf fruit trees Will they hurt the trees while eating the fruit?

I just read a report for a MASTER GARDENER in Texas who tried pigs the way you are asking. It was a disaster. The pigs went after the lower fruit still on the trees and actually broke off many lo... Read More »

Can I use other fruit trees to cross polinate between different fruit trees?

I know what you are asking and the answer would be no. However, you could possible graft another fruit to the cherry tree to come up with 2 different fruits on one tree. You can experiment, however... Read More »