Why sould high schools have daycare for the teen parents?

Answer I think that high schools should offer day care to teen parents with young children because if we are making an effort to at least come and finish school, it would be such a relief to us knowing th... Read More »

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Should high school's offer a daycare for teen parents?

Well it's really a matter of opinion. Some high school staff members say yes, because they want teenage parents to know that they can still be in school and lead successful lives if they have had a... Read More »

Alternative High Schools for Young Teen Mothers?

Despite numerous programs designed to reduce teenage pregnancy, the rate of pregnancies among teens continues to rise. Many pregnant teens don't finish high school because of pregnancy and post-par... Read More »

Does Ernest Manning high school have a daycare for parenting teens?

Is there such a thing as auto insurance for a teen whose parents have joint custody?

Answer You have to be on ONE policy or the other of parents... most likely who you live with more than 50% of the time.