Why sometimes magnets slip down from the fridge door?

Answer from the impact of closing the door.

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What is the use of magnets in a fridge?

There are magnetic strips on a fridge door to enable the door to form a tight seal around the edges to make sure the cold is kept inside and the freezer bit does not over freeze, and of course the ... Read More »

How does a fridge magnet hold a message on the fridge door?

Can I put fridge magnets on a microwave?

Fridge magnets are relatively weak and will not harm the function of a microwave manufactured after 1990. For safety, do not place fridge magnets or other types of magnets inside a microwave.Refere... Read More »

Does putting magnets on a fridge use more energy?

No. The doors of the fridge have insulation in them, and the magnetic force does not affect temperature inside the fridge whatsoever.