Why some ppl say . white tea better than green tea..?

Answer because white tea is less processed than green tea and supposedly contains more nutrients, EGCG, and antioxidants (this hasn't been proven). It has a more subtle flavor. It's usually flavored wit... Read More »

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Is raw sugar better for you than white?

The refining process that produces white sugar removes the few nutrients that are found in raw sugar. However, licensed nutritionist Monica Reinagel points out that there is no meaningful nutrition... Read More »

Are army green beret better than navy seals?

They do different jobs. They are both equally proficient in land warfare although the SEALs are more jack of all trades and SF(green beret) are more specialised. E.g all seals train in diving and a... Read More »

Does Simple Green cleaner disinfect better than bleach?

Unlike bleach, Simple Green All-Purpose cleaner is nontoxic and is not a disinfectant. However, Simple Green D Pro 3 and Simple Green D Pro 5 industrial strength cleaners have both been approved by... Read More »

Does viagra work better than cialis in some men?

On One Hand: Viagra FactsSome men react better to certain erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs than others. Viagra's effects can be felt in about 30 minutes, but it has a short half-life and only stays ... Read More »