Why some ppl say . white tea better than green tea..?

Answer because white tea is less processed than green tea and supposedly contains more nutrients, EGCG, and antioxidants (this hasn't been proven). It has a more subtle flavor. It's usually flavored wit... Read More »

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Dark green pill white white stripe and more..?

Just eat them and find out later man, you'll thank me later.

Once there was three persons red green white one of them said we wear eachother's names dress the person wore white clothes said ya it is so whose's were which colour's dress?

Green Tea vs White tea?

Green Tea is green and WHite tea is white

Can i mix white tea and green tea?

Well, considering white tea is just boiled water, then yes it would be fine. If what your talking about is actually tea, then it is most likely chai. But in either situation, it would be fine.