Why some people eat boiled egg which is cooled in fridge (thanda ubla anda )..........?

Answer The French like everything cold, even their soup.

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Should cooked food be cooled down before putting in the fridge?

Not necessarily. Supposedly modern refrigerators can handle the chilling of hot food. But personally, I help it out, either by separating the food into smaller, shallower storage containers to perm... Read More »

Can you leave boiled eggs out of the fridge?

The American Egg Board recommends that any eggs that are unrefrigerated for more than two hours should be used for display only. If you are transporting or serving boiled eggs outdoors, keep them ... Read More »

Whenever I get Boiled Eggs out of the fridge they're always really runny inside..?

You're pathetic, You keep making stupid questions.. Are you trying to get someone print screen it so you become a meme? or on one of this fail pictures sites?

Liquid cooled vs. air cooled?

It is a rumor. There are plenty of air cooled engines that last a very long time. A liquid cooled engine is usually more stressed to produce more horsepower so they have to be liquid cooled to ke... Read More »