Why some embassies ask for air tour insurance before issuing visa?

Answer Many people travel overseas or maker air travel for getting free medical care. They would even want to have babies overseas to attain foreign citizenship for their babies. Having travel insurance o... Read More »

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Do Some Embassies Require an Air Ticket Before Being Issued a Visa?

Whether you are traveling for business, academics or pleasure, it is important to know the entry laws of the country you are visiting. Countries require a minimum of a passport for entry, some add ... Read More »

Can you tell where can I buy Overseas Travel Insurance for discounts on tour fares I have an immigrant visa?

Yes, you can easily purchase Overseas Travel insurance plan with this visa. In this situation, the maximum period of your policy will be only 60 days. Visit the following link to get discounts on t... Read More »

If you purchased a company and created a new corporation but the insurance agent renewed the old policy instead of issuing a new one for the new corp what can you do?

Answer Get the insurance agent to fix the problem or get a new agent.

Can you suggest the best airline tour insurance site that deals with good travel insurance policies of different companies?

There are too many variables to provide an answer here. The best way to find out is to contact a local agent or agency and ask for quotes or at least a ballpark estimate.