Why some USB ports do not work Is it due to low voltage problem ?

Answer Due to repeated entries and exits (in & out)(nothing porn. lol), the port becomes loose and contacts frequently lost. Many work by pushing up or down. Frequent use also causes wear & tear leading t... Read More »

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What is the difference between Pr Pb Y and Cr Cb Y audio video ports. will my devices work if a connect the two ports together?

They are both color space video but PrPbY is analog video and CrCbY is digital video. Trivia Conventionally the Y is first followed by b then r, as in YPbPr which has led to the wires being known a... Read More »

Voltage and frequency problem?

Transformers convert voltage only; they cannot convert frequency.There is no way to compensate for that, no matter what convoluted (and possibly dangerous) tricks anyone may suggest.If an appliance... Read More »

Can changing the PSU solve my low voltage problem?

Probably not.If you're experiencing problems with local AC power, you need a UPS (uniterruptible power supply) which is also known as a battery back-up system. Those regulate voltage and act as po... Read More »

My USB ports don't work?

I would uninstall them again, switch off the laptop completly for 30 minutes (no battery) and then switch it back on. Wait till the drivers install and then test again.30 minutes sounds bizarre, bu... Read More »