Why so much anger over alternative cancer treatments?

Answer Thank you for this post and the sadness it brings to me when you spoke of only two surviving in your family trusting the doctor wholeheartedly and in the long run, it did not matter. It remind me s... Read More »

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Are there any alternative treatments for skin cancer?

Yes, the alternative treatment for skin cancer other than those you mention is simple, you leave it alone, hope it gets better, and then die sooner, that's why you can't find anything on google , u... Read More »

Negative interactions and alternative cancer treatments?

I'm very sorry about your mom. From your description, she has terminal cancer, and there is nothing else that can be done other than to keep her comfortable. None of the "alternative" things you ... Read More »

People who choose alternative methods to cancer treatment.....Who gives them the diagnosis of cancer?

We recently used “alternative care” to help a family member in getting better from cancer. The cancer was diagnosed by the surgeon and a colorectal surgeon removed the tumor. However it was sta... Read More »

Why is so much money put into treatments for cancer and none into preventing cancer?

Excellent question. You are wise to think of this. ' Wish more people would think along these lines.We could help ourselves so much if we would prevent cancers in the first place. The plague of t... Read More »