Why so many users complain that others here make spelling mistakes .........?

Answer yeas, it tis a dankiy miking fon af o robbet foer hiveing lanng aers. yeas it tis eiranic.

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Why do so many people ask others to rate their pictures on here?

Low self-esteem or lack of attention from one's parents/friends.

How to Make It Seem to Others That You Have Many Friends?

So you are probably reading this because you want others to think you have a lot of friends. This could either be hard or easy.

How to Avoid Common Spelling Mistakes?

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Overeactive bladder (sorry for any spelling mistakes)?

Your spelling is correct. Over active bladders are not always a sign of infection because if you did have one, urinating would burn, cause pain. Are you drinking more water than usual. Some peo... Read More »