Why so many SPAMMERS in this section?

Answer They are getting dealt with but it takes timeMeanwhile please do your bit Report using the top report button and add 'spam' in the details boxIf teh Asker is only asking the same question to get s... Read More »

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Why is it that so many in this section ?

I think it's because we're EXPECTED to disagree about religion and politics. We have, since the beginning of time!However, for a very LONG time, there has only been one opinion about adoption allow... Read More »

So, how many times per day is the word "lose" misspelled as "loose" in this section?

I was just hoping no one would know either.... I use which ever one looks right for the situation.edit: Hey Bertha, Nolte is MINE....!!..............BACK OFF!!...........

Why do they go to every question in this section & post this answer GRRRRRR?

This link is also interesting. =);…I have seen this posted and re-posted a lot lately as well. I just saw it posted a few moments ago and there's also a ... Read More »

Is this normal for a guy (Sorry if this is the wrong section) Can you help me?

Not all guys are like that...People just go through a stage where they raging hormones. I still don't feel they should express, sometimes its best to control it. Stay away from guys like that, they... Read More »