Why skull of a baby is soft?

Answer Because if it wasn't the mother would die of stress pains when the baby is Born but it is because calcium hasn't contributed to the development of the baby and it's skull hasn't properly been conjo... Read More »

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Baby sleeps on the right side and flattening on the right side which are bones and joints in the infant's skull?

How to get baby-soft lips?

Your lips are subject to daily use and abuse. Between sunshine, drying climate controls, acidic foods, nervous habits and lipstick, lips can easily become cracked, chapped or dry. But while few wom... Read More »

How to Have a Baby Soft Face?

Everyone wants to have a baby soft and smooth face. Just follow the following steps and you'll have a smooth face!

How to Get Baby Soft Skin?

Everyone would love baby soft skin, but achieving soft skin takes some effort. If you'd like to get baby soft skin, you'll have to modify your daily beauty routine, but the results will be well wor... Read More »