Why shouldn't lime and ammonium fertilizer be added to the soil at the sametime?

Answer they aliminate each others effects

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What type of fertilizer could one find ammonium nitrate in?

I'm a first time p-patch participant. Does the soil already have fertilizer or do I need to use fertilizer?

Topsoil has some fertilizer already in it but it doesn't hurt to enrich it. Miracle grow moisture control (keeps the soil moist so you don't have to water as much) and potting soil has plant food i... Read More »

Do cantaloupes need lime&fertilizer?

Cantaloupes need both lime and fertilizer; but, you may not have to add lime to a soil that already contains it. Magnesium infused lime gets placed in soils that lacks this particular element. Gard... Read More »

What is lime fertilizer made of?

Garden lime fertilizer is a fine powder made from limestone or chalk. Other forms of lime fertilizer are Dolomite lime fertilizer, which has a higher magnesium percentage, and Quicklime, which is b... Read More »