Why should you wear seat belts in cars?

Answer Seat belts are safety devices that are installed in all modern cars. It is recognized internationally that seat belts are effective in reducing the harm and number of deaths that result from vehicu... Read More »

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Why we should wear seat belts in cars?

So you don't go through the front windscreen when someone hits you head on. It's been proven that safety belts save lives. Plus, in many places, it's the law.Personally, I've been in a head on coll... Read More »

Why should seat belts be worn in cars?

The cars collide, and the driver is thrown forward, striking his head on the windshield. According to Oklahoma State University, 40,000 individuals are killed annually in automobile accidents. One ... Read More »

Why Should We Wear Seat Belts?

The consequences of not wearing a seat belt range from minor annoyance to serious injury or even death. When you wear your seat belt you not only protect yourself, but you set a good example for th... Read More »

Why should people wear seat belts?

About 40,000 people die in traffic accidents each year in the United States. Vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death among people younger than 35 years old. Wearing a seat belt helps preve... Read More »