Why should you sell your car on consignment?

Answer When you consign your car to a dealer, he agrees to sell it for no less than your asking price. In return the dealer retains 6 to 10 percent of the selling price, a service fee or both, as commissi... Read More »

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How to Sell Leather Consignment Online?

Consignment businesses are multi-faceted. Aspiring designers use consignment shops to sell original creations and earn money without having to break into the department store market. The most commo... Read More »

How do I sell my old clothes at a consignment store?

Most consignment stores will not buy you items, that's why its called consignment.They will put your items on sale, at your asking price. They may charge a fee, for using there facilities. They may... Read More »

Should You Sell Your Gold or Hold on to It?

Cell phones are big business and lots of people who want to open a business would be more than happy to sell an already-established product that's doing well. Because cell phone companies are more ... Read More »

Should you sell or rent your house?

On One Hand: Selling is SaferSelling your home means cash in hand as soon as the sale is made. This cash can go toward purchasing a new home, servicing other debt or simple spending. The dollar amo... Read More »