Why should you rub it when it has become stiff?

Answer It has been my experience that once it has been rubbed vigorously for a while, the friction caused by this, causes considerable heat to build up. It may then be necessary to blow it for a while, fo... Read More »

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My hose is stiff. Can you help me out?

What you've got is a basic clog. No worries, I have remedied many-a clogs... I can help with yours.Whatcher gonna want to do is grasp it in your hand and rub real hard. Start off slow to get the cl... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Stiff Hair?

Soft, light hair flows easily and has a small bit of bounce to it. Environmental factors and hair care mistakes can leave your hair feeling stiff and unhealthy, though. The key to softer hair is th... Read More »

Why am i so stiff in the mornings?

If you use more than one pillow that could be the reason.You only need one pillow.

Why do i become so stiff after exercise?

this article may help