Why should you not compost?

Answer Anything that is not biodegradable such as plastic, metal copper, rubber, aluminum, ect.This question should be 'why should you compost' there is no reason why not to compost green waste. It saves ... Read More »

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When should you use compost?

When you go to the rest room without eating and wash you are awesome becaues

How wet should compost be kept?

You should keep compost moist, but not wet, according to the Texas A&M Extension website. If you have too much or too little water in your compost, microorganisms won't be able to decompose materia... Read More »

Where should a compost bin be placed?

A compost bin should be in full sun, away from trees. The tree roots will leach the nutrients from the compost, if it is touching the ground.

How long should you compost chicken manure?

Chicken manure requires composting to convert it into fertilizer. The composting process takes 45 to 60 days if the user first pre-heats the manure for three days. Unheated manure may take up to a ... Read More »