Why should you immunize babies?

Answer to prevent them from diseases as they grow up. Answer:Let's examine some of the diseases (and their potential outcomes) that you might immunize a child against:Polio: Potential outcome deathTetanus... Read More »

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To immunize my baby or not?

You can wait as long as you want, or not do them at all. I have two kids, who are not vaccinated at all, nor will they be.If you are in the United States, all but two states have exemptions for sc... Read More »

Why shouldn't you immunize your baby?

The benefits of immunisation far outweigh the disadvantages. Firstly, the reason that some diseases have become more rare is because of good vaccination programmes. It is easy to be blase about the... Read More »

Should parents be required to immunize their children?

This is the USA. We are not under a dictatorship. Parents take their chances with their childrens health if they chose not to immunize.

I don't want to immunize my child. Any advice for dealing with schools?

Wow, it amazes me how many people are so rude about YOUR decision not to put needles into your children that are filled with all kinds of things that you don't have the slightest clue as to what th... Read More »