Why should you give children a time to express themselves in their own words?

Answer Children's personality's need to be nurtured to do so we as adults must be patient ( not always easy).Children's understanding of language is not as developed as our own therefore it takes them lon... Read More »

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How to Give Children Time Outs?

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Words that express Oprah Winfrey?

Yes which is now teen nick but iCarly is also on Nickelodeon.

Can anyone give all the words to a song from Captain Kangaroo with the words Good morning sunshine so happy to see you and the good times that you bring everybody sing hey good morning?

I looked at Capt. Kangaroo for many years as a kid.l they did have cartoons ( something Mr. Keeshan tried to tone down or disavow- among them were Tom Terrific and at times cartoonized children"s b... Read More »

GIVE ME SOME OF your SLANG car words .?

Here are some...Boss, Cherry, Chopped, Circus Wagon, Deuce Coupe, Flipper, Grocery Getter, Hot Rod, Lead Sled, Port Holer, Skuzz Bucket, T-Bucket and Woody Wagon!