Why should you get the insurance when renting a car?

Answer Rental car companies typically offer coverage for physical damage to the vehicle, liability insurance for the driver, protection for your personal property and personal accident insurance. Rental c... Read More »

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If you are renting a car and a U-Haul truck do you need to buy insurance or can you use the insurance you have on your car?

Answer This information is for California since that is where the truck was rented from UHaul. My girlfriend rented it and paid on her credit card. It was for me to use to move the contents of my... Read More »

Why You Should Get the Insurance When Renting a Car?

When renting a car on vacation or a business trip, you will be faced with the decision of whether to purchase the insurance coverage from the rental car company. In some cases, you may be duplicati... Read More »

Do you need the extra insurance when renting a car?

On One Hand: People Are Already CoveredMost personal automobile insurance policies cover a rental car, so there is no need to purchase additional insurance through the rental car company. Accordin... Read More »

How much does per day insurance cost while renting a car in Newark?

Insurance rates will vary based on the date of travel, the agency chosen and the type of car rented. However, a typical full-size rental from National or Alamo in August of 2010 will carry a Loss ... Read More »