Why should you care about plants?

Answer Plants act as a type of mediator on Earth. The provide habitat for 1000's of species, they provide us with oxygen to breathe, they have a low reflectivity of sunlight to help keep the Earth's clima... Read More »

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What happens to plants when you don't care after them?

Depending on where they are planted, they either continue to live on the nutrients available or die from lack of nutrients.

How do I best care for my air plants?

If they're forming pups, you're doing good.I have about a dozen varieties on a piece of driftwood hanging on chains in a south facing window above my kitchen sink. I attached the sun lovers to the ... Read More »

Why should you care for plants?

We all should care for plants because they provide us with oxygen and carbon.

Plants That Don't Need a Lot of Sun & Care?

Just because a person doesn't have plants, doesn't mean he doesn't want them. In fact, many people steer clear from owning plants because they claim to lack the so-called "green thumb." But you don... Read More »