Why should you buy organic seeds?

Answer Conventional seeds tend to be preventatively treated with fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides. They may have included genetically modified organisms. Neither of these tendencies is allowed in ... Read More »

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Is it worth buying organic seeds and what is the difference between organic and non-organic seeds?

Well, now wait a minute. If the seeds were produced by Monsanto, there are genetically modified seed. No getting around that one. You have to read the package to see where the seeds originated f... Read More »

Are organic flax seeds better than non-organic flax seeds?

On One Hand: Organic Products Aren't More NutritiousFoods labeled "organic" aren't proven to be more nutritious. Instead, the organic label refers to the way in which products are treated during gr... Read More »

How to Buy Organic Seeds?

Organic seeds, or those which are untreated or grown in organic environments, have become the choice for gardeners who wish to cultivate their own organic gardens. Many seed companies and catalogs ... Read More »

Organic Seeds?

Not all seeds are organic. Many are treated with chemicals to prevent certain diseases. That's why you'll see pink corn seed.There are many wonderful seed catalogs that offer organic seeds. Here... Read More »