Why should you avoid caffeine during a pregnancy?

Answer Caffeine and Miscarriage Even though the role of caffeine in infertility is murky, the best reason to quit is that it is proven to cause problems when you finally get pregnant. Even with low doses,... Read More »

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What foods should you avoid during pregnancy?

Foods to avoid during pregnancyFoods containing caffeiene, high sugar, high salt, artificial sweeteners,Fish high in mercury content - limit your fish intake to 12 ounces per week and make sure tha... Read More »

Should you avoid caffeine if you have arthritis?

On One Hand: It Doesn't Interfere With MedicationThe idea that caffeine interferes with the body's ability to process methotrexate, the most common medication for rheumatoid arthritis, was popular ... Read More »

How to Avoid Environmental Toxins During Pregnancy?

For an expectant mother, the health of an unborn baby is a primary concern. While the female body is incredibly adept at creating a barrier between a growing fetus and the various toxins that are p... Read More »

Should people taking high blood pressure medicine avoid caffeine?

On One Hand: Could Interfere With MedicationStimulants that contain caffeine, such as green tea and coffee, raise blood pressure and may reduce the effectiveness of medications, like beta-blockers ... Read More »