Why should you avoid caffeine during a pregnancy?

Answer Caffeine and Miscarriage Even though the role of caffeine in infertility is murky, the best reason to quit is that it is proven to cause problems when you finally get pregnant. Even with low doses,... Read More »

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Should you avoid caffeine if you have arthritis?

On One Hand: It Doesn't Interfere With MedicationThe idea that caffeine interferes with the body's ability to process methotrexate, the most common medication for rheumatoid arthritis, was popular ... Read More »

Should people taking high blood pressure medicine avoid caffeine?

On One Hand: Could Interfere With MedicationStimulants that contain caffeine, such as green tea and coffee, raise blood pressure and may reduce the effectiveness of medications, like beta-blockers ... Read More »

How to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally?

Some religions and cultures don't approve of traditional birth control methods such as the pill, condoms and other similar contraceptives. So, if you can't use these methods to avoid getting pregn... Read More »

How do you avoid teenage pregnancy?

Best way to avoid pregnancy is to not have sex..