Why should we support gay marriages?

Answer Personally, I support gay marriage because I think it's illogical to support committed relationships and families formed by some groups of persons (heterosexuals) but not others. There are myriad r... Read More »

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Why should you support the military?

Because by doing so you - Show patriotism and support of your nation.Demonstrate support for those who sacrifice to serve.Do your part for those who do their part for you.And, if you didn't there w... Read More »

Who should i call for tech support?

Do NOT call Apple, they don't do tech support for any peripheral device unless it was made by them. Call the card reader manufacturer.Test it again on your sister's PC. Do NOT assume that the car... Read More »

Who can perform marriages in Georgia?

In Georgia, judges, city recorders, justices of the peace and ordained religious clergy may legally perform marriages. No ceremony is required. Couples in Georgia must also get a marriage license b... Read More »

Who can perform marriages in Arkansas?

According to the website U.S. Marriage Laws, any ordained minister or priest of any religious affiliation may be able to perform a marriage in the state of Arkansas. The county clerk's office must ... Read More »