Why should we stop cutting down trees?

Answer We shouldn't. Trees are a renewable resource.

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Who invented paper without cutting down trees?

People didn't start cutting down trees for paper until around 1860. The ancient Egyptians made paper with papyrus, a plant that grew by the Nile. The Chinese made paper using scraps of fishing nets... Read More »

Michigan Laws on Cutting Down Trees on the Property Line?

Cutting down trees on a shared property line is a tricky subject in Michigan. The law generally looks at the owner of the tree or the property where the majority of the tree sits and holds the owne... Read More »

How to Stop Trees From Sprouting After Cutting?

Cutting down a tree should stop it from growing, but sometimes it doesn’t. The trunk and roots retain food enabling the tree to send up sprouts and grow again. Sometimes it will take two or more ... Read More »

What do you think of Local Councils telling us to plant trees while they are cutting them down?

All Local Councils members should be turned out of office, if not turned out of incarnation.