Why should we protect the African wild dog?

Answer Once spread throughout 39 African countries, the African wild dog (or painted dog) numbered a half-million. Because of human encroachment, these numbers are down to 3,000. Efforts are being made to... Read More »

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How does an African wild dog protect itself?

African wild dogs are an endangered species living in sub-Saharan Africa. These social creatures protect themselves with the safety of a pack.FeaturesAfrican wild dogs, also known as Cape hunting d... Read More »

What is the scientific name for an African wild dog?

The scientific name for the African wild dog, in the Linnean classification of living things, is Lycaon pictus. Other names for the African wild dog include the painted dog, ornate wolf, African wi... Read More »

What is being done to save the African wild dog?

The African wild dog, a multi-colored dog living in sub-Saharan Africa, is rapidly going extinct due to human hunting, disease and limited food. According to, a websit... Read More »

Why is the African wild dog endangered?

The African wild dog is a multicolored animal who calls sub-Saharan Africa home. Although it is highly social and lives in packs, the dog is quickly going extinct as it is ignored or misunderstood ... Read More »