Why should we make green cars?

Answer Green cars use a fuel that emits either almost no pollution or much less pollution than cars that use gasoline. Switching to a green car is essential to protecting the health of future generations ... Read More »

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Are Green Cars Better for the Environment Than Gas-Powered Cars?

Green cars are specifically designed to be more environmentally friendly than traditional, gas-powered vehicles. The alternative fuels that green cars are designed to use are renewable, meaning tha... Read More »

Survey: "Green" cars or Safe cars?

I prefer my 2006 Mustang GT Convertible period.I am not going to drive around in a friggin shoe with bicycle wheels just to save the damn polar bears.

To stop speeding, should car makers only make cars that do the speed limit?

1) That idea would not work well when it comes to highway onramps, vehicles already on the highway, and vehicles which cannot accelerate quickly.2) Electronics fail and malfunction all the time. (... Read More »

Are green cars unlucky?

On One Hand: Superstition Says YesAccording to BBC News, some cultures attach superstitious powers to the color green. This superstition is generally limited to people from Britain and the United S... Read More »