Why should the metric system be adopted in the US?

Answer Depends on how old you are.

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When was the metric system adopted by NASA and do they continue to use it today?

Budget Cuts, and a need to make it safer. They don't want another Apollo 13.

Should the United States switch to the metric system?

On One Hand: There Are Advantages to MetricThe United States is the only industrialized country that does not use the metric system. If we convert to the metric system, trade and communications wit... Read More »

The Advantages of the Metric System Over the English System?

The differences between the metric and the English systems of measurement are vast. Though the English system is much older than the metric system, older, in this case, doesn't necessarily mean bet... Read More »

Fun Metric System Games?

Numerous countries around the world use the metric system to measure length, volume, density, area and mass. Students in the United States should become familiar with this system so they can unders... Read More »