Why should teen-girls not get pregnant?

Answer They should do what they can to avoid pregnancy because mentally, their brains are not fully developed, and because of that, their ability to take care of themselves is hard enough, let alone a com... Read More »

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Why do teen girls get pregnant?

Why do teen girls want to get pregnant?

Because they feel that they do not get enough attention and so they want someone to care for them unconditionally. They think having a baby is "cute". They want someone to love and to have someon... Read More »

What should you do if you are a pregnant teen?

im 17 years old and i currently have a stepson of my ex boyfriend we jsut started going back out again after a year and i love my babi to death i wouldn't change anyhting about him at all hes perfe... Read More »

How should you talk to your pregnant teen daughter?

There are so many ways a parent can go about this. Here is one way. One thing you should not do, is scream and yell at her. Can you imagine how she feels already? She is likely already experiencing... Read More »