Why should students have to wear uniforms?

Answer Private schools have traditionally used uniforms, and they became a popular trend in public schools when President Clinton advocated uniforms in his 1996 State of the Union speech. The fact that on... Read More »

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Y is there uniforms at all...let students wear what whatever they want?

Some schools do it so the kids won't wear disrespectful clothing, and others do it so that the poor kids don't get teased about their clothes by the kids that have rich parents and get whatever the... Read More »

Reasons Why Students Should Not Wear Uniforms?

The issue of whether schools should introduce uniforms is one topic that is constantly being debated today. Schools are for the idea, but students want to be free of any such regulations. The aim ... Read More »

Should Students Wear Uniforms in School?

The debate over school uniforms is heard in public school districts around the nation. Proponents of uniforms emphasize the utility of dress codes for discipline and safety in the classroom and on ... Read More »

Why do students wear white sports uniforms?

students wear white sports uniform becoz while playing the people will know that they are students playing.Due to white sports uniform the school students are detected.