Why should schools have uniforms and dress codes?

Answer The subject of whether schools should have uniforms and dress codes is a debate that has gone on for some time. Districts argue about whether or not altering the student dress code is for them. The... Read More »

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Why should schools have school uniforms?

According to the U.S. Department of Education, there are many benefits linked to the introduction of a school uniform, which include reduced behavioral problems and a reduction in peer pressure on ... Read More »

How do I Debate That Schools Should Have School Uniforms?

Debating "hot" or controversial topics can be an exciting and difficult task. There are many tips and tricks to being a convincing debater, regardless of the topic. School uniforms are an frequentl... Read More »

How to Dress for Schools With Salwar Uniforms Where No Makeup Is Allowed?

Not allowed makeup at school? Uniforms you don't like to wear? Read this to find how to dress for school...

Are dress codes in schools effective?

On One Hand: Dress Codes Decrease DistractionsSchool dress codes and uniforms can decrease distractions in the classroom, which may improve academic performance. They can also minimize differences ... Read More »